Remilia Hair Keratin Serum Treatment Review [Beauty Review]
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Remilia Hair Keratin Serum Treatment Review [Beauty Review]

Remilia Hair is a hair serum company that developed a Cosmo Cap filled with a Keratin rich serum to nourish, strengthen, and repair hair. Their capsules and serum are made in Italy and are totally biodegradable so they are safe for the environment. And, they’re cruelty free! I was super excited when Remilia Hair so kindly gifted me a bottle of the Remilia Hair Keratin Serum Treatment….keep reading for a full review and my experience!



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Remilia Hair Keratin Serum Treatment Review and Details

~Item Claims: Increase softness, shine, and strength while repairing damage and reducing frizz and breakage.

~Directions: Pinch and twist the top of the capsule, squeeze desired amount onto hands, gently massage the serum into hair from tips to mid length. 

~Notable Ingredients: Pro Vitamin B5 (provides moisture/nourishment), Keratin Amino Acids (for smoothing and shine), Hydrolyzed Silk/Silk Protein (strength/replenishing).

~Price: $27 for a bottle of 30 capsules

~Review: How pretty are these hair serum capsules from Remilia Hair ?!
I’ve never been one to take great care of my hair. Shampoo and conditioner is about all I ever use, no additional products. However, lately I’ve been wanting to get more into hair care because who doesn’t want shiny, strong hair? I was so excited to try these Remilia serum capsules because one, look at the packaging, it’s adorable. And then, the benefits of shine, strength, and moisture. All things my hair could use more of.

All you do is twist the little top off the capsule and squeeze the serum onto your hair. According to Remilia, you should apply half to damp hair, and then the rest after if needing frizz control and extra shine. The first time I used a capsule, I applied it to damp, brushed hair. With me having pretty short hair (a bob), I had plenty left over (they definitely give a generous amount per capsule!). After drying, my hair felt extremely smooth and soft and the ends did seem less frizzy. I think I noticed the biggest difference though when I applied the serum onto dry hair. After allowing the serum to soak in, my hair felt silky smooth without any frizz. It also had a nice shine to it as well without looking greasy.

One of my favorite things about Remilia Hair capsules though is the smell! It’s such a nice, light scent that makes my hair smell amazing! Another thing, I left this serum on my hands for a little bit and I couldn’t believe how soft they felt. Which is quite a feat with how dry and cracked my skin is right now. So maybe they can turn this hair product into a body oil/lotion as well (hint hint :D)?? Also, these are cruelty free and the capsules are biodegradable!

~Purchase: Amazon | Remilia Hair

**Kindly gifted by Remilia Hair, but all opinions are my own.**

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