Hello Skin Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner & Have A Good Cream Reviews [Cupidrop K-Beauty Review]
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Hello Skin Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner & Have A Good Cream Reviews [Cupidrop K-Beauty Review]

Hello Skin is a Korean Beauty and Skincare brand that provides cruelty-free skincare that is suitable for all skin types. Jumiso is a line of skincare products that include the Yes, I Am Toner and Have A Good Cream Moisturizer. One thing I noticed immediately was how adorable the packaging was, the box and product containers. They had a little cartoon drawn girl and her puppy, and it was super cute! I was fortunate enough to try out both of these to review. Keep reading for my experience with each!

Hello Skin Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner & Have A Good Cream Reviews [Cupidrop K-Beauty Review]

Hello Skin Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner Review and Details:

~Item Claims: “Flush away dead skin cells lingering on the surface of the skin. This light formula absorbs quickly to hydrate the skin and deliver its benefits.”[1]

~Directions: After cleansing, apply using a cotton pad morning and night. When using in the morning, follow with SPF30 or higher.

~Notable Ingredients: Glycolic Acid and Lactic Acid (5% AHA), Houttuynia Cordata Extract (Chameleon Plant), Rice Ferment Filtrate

~Scent: Slight herbal smell.

~Price: $18

~Quantity: 125mL/4.2oz

~Overall Rating: 3/5

~Review: Over the past few months I’ve been using a BHA toner, but I replaced it with this Hello Skin Yes, I Am Toner that contains 5% AHA. I love using a chemical exfoliator such as one like this to keep my skin clean and pores clear. I used this product for 10 days, morning and night, and avoided using any other AHAs/BHAs and Vitamin C. After this short time, I didn’t notice a huge difference, but my skin did feel somewhat smoother. The first two days of using it, my skin did become slightly more dry and it stung a little the first time of use. But after the initial two days, my skin adapted and started responding better. I did like using this in my routine because the cheek area were kept smooth and exfoliated. I also loved the texture and how it easily absorbed into the skin. It’s a light/water-like toner and it soaks in quicker than some of my other toners.

~Purchase: Cupidrop

Hello Skin Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner & Have A Good Cream Reviews [Cupidrop K-Beauty Review]

Hello Skin Jumiso Have A Good Cream Review and Details:

~Item Claims: Rejuvenate tired skin, moisturize, hydrate, fade dark spots. Also calm irritation.

~Directions: As last step in skincare routine, apply an even layer of the moisturizer over the skin.

~Notable Ingredients: Snail Secretion Filtrate, Centella Asiatica Extract, Squalene, Jojoba Seed Oil

~Scent: Slight herbal smell.

~Price: $24

~Quantity: 150g/1.7oz

~Overall Rating: 5/5

~Review: Out of the two products, the Hello Skin Jumiso Have A Good Cream was easily my favorite. I really, really loved this moisturizer (and I’m very picky about those)! At first, I thought it may be a bit oily and could cause breakouts, but I was very wrong. The texture is very light and airy. It never felt heavy or hard to soak in once. It easily absorbed into my skin instantly soothing it. I could tell the Snail Secretion and Centella Asiatica worked quickly to soothe and ease the redness in my cheeks. It left my skin with a nice cooling feeling. The Have A Good Cream helped a lot in the initial days of using the Yes, I Am toner when it was drying my skin and caused some red/irritated areas. This moisturizer instantly calmed everything.

~Purchase: Cupidrop

Hello Skin Jumiso Yes, I Am Toner & Have A Good Cream Reviews [Cupidrop K-Beauty Review]


After using these two products, I am definitely going to try out more Hello Skin Jumiso products in the future. I have my eye on the Drop The Vita C drops!

**Thank you to Cupidrop and Jumiso for selecting me as part of the Beautiful Pioneers Campaign and gifting these products for review.**


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  • Ness

    Hi may i know your skin type ? And then is the have a good cream suitable for oily skin and people who tends to sweat easily around the face area ? Do you feel any slightly thin film on top of your skin when you used the cream or its just fully absorb into the skin ? Sorry for lots of ques ! Hahahaha

    • Lifesslices

      Hi! Of course! My skin type is sensitive and dry. I do believe this cream would be good for those with oilier skin. I found that while I loved it, I need more moisture since my skin is more on the dry side. It’d be a good summer cream for myself, but I need stronger for the winter. But, if you have oily skin year round, it would most likely work much better for you! It never left a film and it absorbed quickly for me. It left a really nice cooling and soothing feeling especially around my cheeks where I tend to have redness and more dry areas. 🙂 Haha no problem for the questions! I love answering them!

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