Friday Features - Pony Effect from Memebox, Kenny Chesney, and The Daily Edited

Friday Features – Pony Effect from Memebox, Kenny Chesney, and The Daily Edited

Your weekly dose of K-Beauty and Music with Pony Effect and Kenny Chesney

Um excuse me Summer…you need to slow down. How the heck is it almost August?! I swear the past three months have felt like one. While I am ready for College football to come back (impatient is an understatement), I don’t want my summer beach months to end just yet.

Anyways, moving on to some fun stuff. This week Memebox added Pony Effect to their online store (in addition to Nooni and I Dew Care), and I’m pretty excited! Pony Effect has so many great and pigmented products, and I can’t wait to start trying out different lip colors. Besides make-up (I know I talk a lot about it), Kenny Chesney also released a great new album this week and I’ve come across a few new accessories that are immediately going on my wish list.

Feature 1: Memebox – Pony Effect and Nooni Now More Easily Available

Some of you may have heard about Memebox before. But if not, it’s basically an online community for Korean beauty and skin care that also sell a few of their own signature brands. I first joined after starting my blog and still post a lot of beauty/skin care pictures. It’s basically a small Instagram for K-Beauty.

The three main Memebox brands are Nooni, I Dew Care, and Pony Effect. Nooni is a line that uses natural ingredients and I wrote a review on some of their lip products here! I Dew Care is a mask based skin care line that caters to hydrating, clarifying, and anti-aging. Some of the most popular I Dew Care products are the Disco Kitten and Sugar Kitten peel-off mask that make for some great Insta pics. Now, one of the most popular make-up brands is Pony Effect. Pony Effect was created by the popular Youtuber/Influencer/Make-Up Artist PONY. Her line is known for great lip colors ranging from natural looks to bold and metallic. If you’re interested in any of these check out Memebox’s website here, and also check out some of my favorites at my Memebox Online Shop!


Friday Features Memebox Ambassador Pony Effect Nooni I Dew Care


Feature 2: Music Release – Kenny Chesney Release New Album “Songs for the Saints”

Kenny Chesney has been one of my favorite Country music artists since I was basically a baby, and is now one of the few I still will listen to constantly and support every release. His music never fails to tell a story and there is a song for every mood (especially those summer beach vibes)! It’s well-known that he loves spending his free time at his house in the Caribbean. When Hurricane Irma wrecked havoc all through the islands in that area, he put his time, money, house, and efforts into helping those who were impacted.

In response to all of the damage that occurred, he penned a new album titled Songs for the Saints (a song that’s a tribute to the Virgin Islands). Like other Kenny Chesney albums, this one definitely deserves a listen. My personal favorites so far are “Get Along”, “Pirate Song”, and “Ends of the Earth”.

Feature 3: Kate Spade Convertible Purse – Make it Mine Make it Mine Byrdie 

Kate Spade is probably in my top 3 favorite purse brands. Her line has everything from classic pieces to fun and bright. Personally, I love classic looks so I can use them for years and years. I came across a purse the other day that was recommended by Alyson Haley. It’s a line of convertible purses where you can customize the bag with different flaps! The Make It Mine Make It Mine collection has three different purse sizes a clutch, midsize, and small backpack. Each one has the ability to change the flaps on it depending on your mood! I love the clutch and midsize versions:

Kate Spade Make It Mine Byrdie Make It Mine Camila

These purses come in black, tan, and a pastel pink. I love all of the purses and I really should add a different color besides black, but it just goes with everything so well! And, you get more choices in my opinion of flaps to use with the purse. My favorite ones to add are:

Kate Spade Make It Mine Byrdie Make It Mine Camila


Click Here for all purse and flap options!

Feature 4: The Daily Edited – Simple Personalized Accessories

As you can tell from the Kate Spade bags, I love simple and classic pieces that go with everything and will last a long time. Another brand whose products are on my wish list is The Daily Edited. I first heard about this brand from Youtuber Joan Kim when she had a phone case from them in one of her vlogs.  All of the products from the brand are customizable with your name or initials. And, they’re all made from leather. I love the Burgundy with Gold initials phone case:

The Daily Edited Burgundy Samsung Galaxy S8 Case

It’s so cute and chic! This passport cover, dog collar, and scalloped wallet are also making my wish list. 

The Daily Edited Passport Dog Collar Wallet

Check out The Daily Edited for more options and items for men as well!

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