[Dessert Cafe Review] SNOWGENIX - Taiwanese Shaved Ice in Jacksonville, FL Mango Snow-Na-Da Cheesecake Junkie Taro Reading Boba Tea

[Dessert Cafe Review] SNOWGENIX – Taiwanese Shaved Ice in Jacksonville, FL

In a small shopping plaza off Old Baymeadows Road in Jacksonville, FL, is a new dessert place serving Taiwanese shaved ice, bubble tea, and dragon’s breath (liquid nitrogen ice cream) called SnowGenix. Even though they just officially opened (probably less than a month ago), they have gotten quite popular already. Most of us are probably familiar with the typical shaved ice we get at fairs and small shacks during the summer. You know the small bits of ice coated in sweet syrup flavors? Well, Taiwanese shaved ice is a little different…and about a million times tastier!


Taiwanese shaved ice, also known as baobing, is a common dessert in China and Taiwan that consists of extremely fine pieces of ice flavored with various toppings, flavors, and/or fruits. SnowGenix offers about 15 different types of “snowboxes” which are pre-designed desserts. Meaning they already formed a great combo of flavor and toppings for you. But, you can also select your own if you’d like (it’s just way too hard of a decision for me). And if you can’t have dairy, no worries! They have select flavors that are non-dairy so you can still enjoy!

There are also  shaved ice options such as a Mango Snow-Na-Da (review of this below) and Cha-Slushies. If you’re wanting to up your Insta game, try some of the liquid nitrogen ice cream! And, a favorite of mine…bubble tea. They offer so many flavors, syrups, and toppings so you can always create a new bubble tea every time you’re there.

I’ve been only two times, but I’ve tried four different menu items (I can’t get enough of this dessert clearly). I’ve had the Mango Snow-Na-Da, Cheesecake Junkie Snowbox, Taro Reading Snowbox, and Taro Boba Tea. And I have yet to be disappointed. The shaved ice is so light and airy that you don’t feel sick after from eating it like you do ice cream. It’s also not overly sweet, so it’s easy to go through a couple of menu options at once (or maybe I just have a bottomless hole for a stomach).

The Mango Snow-Na-Da

I never knew mixing mangoes with chamoy and tamarind (sour/spicy flavor) was a thing until recently. I’m pretty picky when it comes to mixing sweet and savory together. I prefer them to be separate (no honey-baked hams, maple bacon, or fruit on salad for me). So, I was shocked when I tasted the sour yet sweet flavor of the Mango Snow-Na-Da. It’s composed of mango snow, a huge dose of fresh mangoes, chamoy layered throughout, and a tamarind stick. All of the extreme flavors balance out so well, so if I like, chances are you will too.

[Dessert Cafe Review] SNOWGENIX - Taiwanese Shaved Ice in Jacksonville, FL Mango Snow-Na-Da

Cheesecake Junkie Snowbox

Now, for my personal favorite I’ve tried so far. The Cheesecake Junkie is “cheesecake snow, fresh sliced strawberries, graham cracker crumbles, and strawberry syrup”. Y’all…I’m not kidding when I say this tastes EXACTLY like a strawberry cheesecake. I don’t know how they make the flavors of the ice so spot on, but it’s perfect.

With American shaved ice, the syrup gets diluted down from the chunks of ice really quickly, so it’s not much flavor. But, the way they shave the ice into such thin, fine slices of flavored “snow” is amazing. It really does have the texture of fresh snow (the fluffy kind you get in Colorado, not the nasty packed snow in the South). I love how they add the syrup for all of their snows in a syringe. It’s a different element than many other dessert places, and it makes for a great picture. Highly recommend trying this one!

[Dessert Cafe Review] SNOWGENIX - Taiwanese Shaved Ice in Jacksonville, FL Cheesecake Junkie Snowbox

Taro Reading Snowbox

The Taro Reading is described as “taro snow, mochi, lychee jelly, and condensed cream.” This was the very first thing I tried at SnowGenix, and this one item is worth the trip. The taro snow is lightly sweetened and is basically like eating a fluffy taro cloud. The mochi and lychee jelly add a nice sweet and chewiness to the shaved ice. The syringe you see in the picture is filled with condensed cream which serves as the “syrup”, and it goes SO well with the taro snow! Even my boyfriend (who isn’t a fan of taro) loved this and wants to go back for his own.

[Dessert Cafe Review] SNOWGENIX - Taiwanese Shaved Ice in Jacksonville, FL Taro Reading Snowbox


Taro Boba Tea

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of the Taro Boba Tea. I was honestly just really impatient and completely forgot about a picture. But, the tea was the same light purple color as the Taro shaved ice (pictured above) with about an inch of tapioca pearls (boba) at the bottom. This was probably the best bubble tea I’ve ever had. It had a great flavor, and the tapioca pearls were delicious (I’ve had some that aren’t soft tapioca pearls from other places, and I’m not a fan). The tea itself is on the sweeter side, but I was fine with it. I’m not sure if you can specify “less sugar” or not, but I may try that next time. The other flavors I can’t wait to try are the Strawberry and Green Thai Tea.

Next up on my list to try (this is almost a weekly destination for me) is the Moody Mango (“mango snow, fresh mangoes, strawberry boba, and condensed cream”) and Paradise (“strawberry snow, fresh strawberries, fruity pebbles, condensed cream”).

Check out and follow SnowGenix on Instagram: @snowgenix

SnowGenix Address: 9932 Old Baymeadows Rd, Jacksonville, FL 32256

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