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Friday Features Week 9 – Shopping is My Weakness

Memorial Day Weekend is filled with friends & family, lots of BBQ, fun, and tons of sales! I’m trying not to spend much at all unless it’s a necessity, but if there’s a really, really good deal I may not be able to hold back.  Anyways, I’ve rounded up some of my favorite things I’ve been seeing (some are good buys…some are just window shopping) this week.

Feature 1:  Accessory – Michael Kors Rose Gold Watch

There I was, minding my own business, walking around an outdoor mall when I saw a Michael Kors store and decided to stop by. Harmless, right? Wrong. Of course, I walk out desperately wanting one of the new, shiny, rose gold watches. I have an extremely tiny wrist, so I can’t wear most watches because the faces are usually just way too big. However, this one was perfect! At first, I wasn’t sold because it looked a little larger than what I like, but once I tried it on…I was in love. This particular watch is called the Mini Lauryn Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Watch, the face is 33mm, and you can read more about the specs HERE. I had to restrain myself from buying it that day, but my birthday is coming up soon-ish so it might be a little “treat myself”. 

Friday Features MICHAEL KORS Mini Lauryn Pavé Rose Gold-Tone Watch


Feature 2:  Summer Ready – Abercrombie & Fitch One Piece Bathing Suit

Living at the beach, I like to have a ready supply of bathing suits on hand (and yes I have to buy at least one new suit each year). I have never worn a one piece bathing suit since I was probably 5 years old. But, with how popular they’ve gotten, I’ve been wanting to give them another chance. So when I came across a cute and simple black one-piece on sale at Abercrombie, I had to try it. Needless to say, I’m now sold on them. This particular one fits really well and is extremely flattering! I love the flower details around it too, and it comes in an olive-green color if that’s more your style. Another plus, Abercrombie is having a 40% off everything sale this weekend only, so this bathing suit is on sale for $34.80! Buy HERE

Abercrombie & Fitch EMBROIDERED STRAPPY FRONT ONE PIECE SWIMSUIT Friday Features Memorial Day Sale

Feature 3:  Luggage Tags – Shutterfly Custom Tags

After my recent trip to South Korea, I realized I desperately needed some durable (and cute, of course) luggage tags. As you all probably know, I love Damn Delicious’ Chungah Rhee’s Corgi named Butters. Well the other day she posted on her Instagram stories that she made her custom Butters’ luggage tags using Shutterfly. I’ve used Shutterfly before for gifts like coffee mugs and calendars, but I wasn’t aware they had luggage tags too. So, I checked it out and it just so happened they’re having a Memorial Day sale where you can get 50% off orders of $19+ and 30% off orders less than $19 by using the code “MEMORIALDAY”. I started playing around with some different pictures of my dog, Dobby, and just look how cute these are!! I may have to buy a couple…or three…or four.

Shutterfly Luggage Tag Custom Made Memorial Day Sale Friday Features

Feature 4:  Window Shopping – M’oda ‘Operandi x Del Toro Foodie Shoes

I’m gonna start off and say these shoes are a whopping $425 (hence, the window shopping and not buying title). But, the M’O x Del Toro shoe collaboration are super cute and I want at least three different kinds. Each pair represents a popular food combo, so everyone can love a pair. They have a sushi version, eggs & bacon, avocado & toast, coffee & doughnuts, and many other ones as well. Personally, my favorites are the soup dumplings and the taco & hot sauce (pictures below). Click HERE to see all the options (wine & cheese lovers…there’s one for y’all too)!

M'O Exclusive: Del Toro M'oda 'Operandi Del Toro shoe collaboration Slippers Friday Features


I’m going to go stuff my face with BBQ now…I hope everyone has an awesome and safe Memorial Day Weekend!

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