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Friday Features Week 6 – MAC’s Latest Collab and Taco Bell

It’s Friday y’all. You know what that means….some new, random favorites and features comin’ your way!

Feature 1:  Song of the Week – “Babe” by Sugarland ft. Taylor Swift  

Say what you want about Taylor Swift as a performer, but you have to admit, she’s one hell of a song writer. Personally, I’ve been a fan of T-Swift since her “Tim McGraw” days and can’t wait for her “Reputation” concert this year! “Babe” is a song she wrote with Train’s lead vocalist, Patrick Monahan, and offered it to Sugarland when they announced they would be reuniting as a duo. “Babe” is a break-up song, yet is more up-beat (especially the chorus) than what a typical sad break-up track sounds. I really love Jennifer Nettles’ and Taylor Swift’s voices together. They’re polar opposites, but somehow work really well together.

Feature 2: Must Have List – Puma x MAC Collab Collection

I have a slight addiction to sneakers and active wear. So when Puma announced a collaboration with the popular beauty brand, MAC, I immediately had to see the collection. Puma will be releasing three Suede sneakers in the same shades as a few of MAC’s most popular lipsticks:

Puma x MAC collaboration Collection Lady Danger Sin Creme D'Nude
Photo Source: MAC

From left to right we have shades, “Creme D’Nude” (Cremesheen Lipstick), “Lady Danger” (Matte Lipstick), and “Sin” (Matte Lipstick). While I love the Creme D’Nude and Sin, my pick will definitely be the ones inspired by the “Sin” lipstick shade. The lipsticks are available to buy HERE, and the shoes will go on sale on May 17th on Puma’s website.

Feature 3: Foodie Obsession – Taco Bell Fire Tortilla Chips

WARNING: These are addictive. I was simply walking through my local grocery store picking up a few necessary items for dinner when I see “BOGO Free Taco Bell Chips”. Now, I love a good late-night Taco Bell run as much as the next person, but what I really love about Taco Bell, is their sauce options. So mix my love of food, spice, and taco bell sauces together, it’s sure to be a winner. Taco Bell has released three different tortilla chips inspired by their sauces: Classic (too boring for me), Mild, and Fire. I chose Mild and Fire obviously. And, the Fire ones are seriously addicting. I haven’t eaten the Mild ones yet, as I’ve been too busy enjoying the Fire. But, I’m sure those are just as good. Think of these chips as an enhanced and better Doritos. My only suggestion is to make one of the tortilla chip flavors based on their salsa verde!

Taco Bell Tortilla Chips Sauce Packets Mild Fire Classic
Source: Taco Bell

Feature 4: Make-Up Buy – “It Cosmetics” Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF

I’m all about that natural, no-foundation make-up routine, mostly because foundation almost always breaks me out. But, I’ve been needing something more than just concealer to give me a little more evenness to my skin tone. I’ve been debating buying It Cosmetics CC+ cream for a few weeks, and finally broke down and bought it yesterday. Today is the first day using the product, but oh my goodness I’m in love. It is the perfect amount of coverage, doesn’t look cake-y, and has stay put so far (and I’ve been wearing a face respirator/mask and a hard hat). Not to mention it has SPF 50+! And my pale self in this Florida sun is needin’ some SPF. I’m going to try it a few ways (with and without setting spray/powder and primer), and write a review about it soon. I also picked up their concealer (which is marketed as full coverage), so I’m excited to try that out as well.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 5-+


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