Friday Features Week 4 – Dose of K-Pop and Dim Sum

My weekly round up of Friday Features (with an extra healthy dose of K-Pop and K-Beauty):

Feature 1:  Instagrammer – @SokoBeauty by Elisa

If you’re looking for a great, informative K-Beauty Instagrammer that has beautiful flat-lays, look no further. Elisa of @SokoBeauty is your answer. She was one of the very first K-Beauty Influencers I followed, and always look forward to her posts. And, Elisa has some of the best flat-lays I’ve seen.

   Instagram: @SokoBeauty





Feature 2:  Song(s) Of The Week 

With my trip to South Korea coming up very soon, it’s been basically a K-Pop party in my house recently (not that it isn’t the rest of the year either LOL). Two songs have been released in the past week that are constantly on repeat. They both have different sounds than other recent releases and mix that with some catchy choreography and lyrics, you have a great kitchen dance party (these are frequent occurrences in my house).

First we have the YG Entertainment group WINNER with their new single “Everyday”:

And next we have Cube Entertainment’s PENTAGON (펜타곤) with their latest single “Shine” (빛나리):


Feature 3: K-Beauty Must Have ASAP – The Plant Base Time Stop Collagen Ampoule

I first read about this line and products on SokoGlam’s website here. They offer three ampoules (aka “serums” which are applied after essence) targeting three different skin concerns: Damaged (Quesera Seramide), Dehydrated (Waterfall Moist Balanced Hyaluronic Acid 100), and Aging (Time Stop Collagen Ampoule). Even at the age of 24, I’m noticing my fine lines on my forehead much more and in need of something to minimize them. I haven’t found a go-to for this problem yet, so hopefully, I’ll get to try out the Time Stop Ampoule soon and it will be my new HG!

SokoGlam Time Stop Collagen Ampoule The Plant Based

Feature 4: Current Favorite Jacksonville, FL Restaurant – Timwah Dim Sum

So in all the prior cities I’ve lived in, there has never been a true dim sum restaurant. With Asian cuisine being my favorite food, you can imagine dim sum was at the top of my list to eat. Finally, I was able to try the popular eating style in Jacksonville at Timwah Dim Sum Restaurant. Dim sum is typically Chinese dishes prepared as small plates/bite size foods like varieties of dumplings. At Timwah, there is a steamed/grilled cart and a fried/dessert cart that the employees push throughout the restaurant. They’ll stop by your table, you take whatever and however many dishes you want, and they’ll mark it on a card for you.

I lost count on the number and types of dumplings I tried, but my favorite had to be the Cha Siu Bao (叉烧包) which is soft bun filled with barbecue pork. There’s no doubt I had four of these alone. The soup dumplings were also very good. However, it had to be the chicken feet and tripe (cow stomach) that surprised me the most. So I tried both of these in full preparation to spit them out. But, let me tell ya…I was going back for seconds. They were both (yes the tripe included) delicious! The only thing I tried that I didn’t like was the turnip cake. It really tasted like I was biting into a block of fat…which in my opinion, isn’t the most appetizing of tastes.

If you’re ever in the JAX area, give Timwah a try!

Website: Timwah Dim Sum Restaurant

Instagram: @dimsumjax

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