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Friday Features Week 2 – “One Tree Hill” Flashbacks and James Dean

Another week has come and gone, so alas, it’s time for another round-up of Friday Features!

Feature 1:  Instagrammer – The Dogist 

I’m sure most of you have heard of the very popular Humans of New York account. Think of The Dogist as the dog version. The owner of the account has daily posts of dog/puppies they come across (mostly around New York) with the cutest pictures and quotes from their owners about the dog’s personality. Nothing cheers me up and puts a smile on my face more than dogs (seriously the best therapy for anything). So, it’s always a highlight seeing The Dogist’s posts for the day until I can get home to my own puppy (he’s 4 years old but still a puppy at heart!).

Feature 2: Flashback TV Moment – Chad Michael Murray on “One Tree Hill”

Apparently there was a “One Tree Hill” convention last weekend, and Lucas Scott (Chad Michael Murray) himself returned for it. “One Tree Hill” is one of my all-time favorite shows (2nd to “Gilmore Girls”) that I will always re-watch. Every character was unique so everyone had someone to relate to when they watched the show. I honestly could go on and on about the greatness of “One Tree Hill”, but I’ll stop before I become annoying. Anyways, Chad Michael Murray even had to revisit one of the most iconic scenes in the show’s run:


Feature 3: Song of the Week – “James Dean” by The Wrecks

I first heard this song last week when I let my friend have control over my car’s playlist. And, now I can’t quit listening to it. I may be partially biased just because the title of the song is James Dean, whom I love (but who doesn’t love a rebel?). It’s really just a fun song to sing to in the car with the windows rolled down on a sunny day. Think of the The Wrecks as a Blink-182 and All-American Rejects crossover. Yes, Blink-182 is still regularly played in my household. No shame.


Feature 4: Impulse Buy of the Week – Egg Cooker/Poacher

As one does, I went onto Amazon and proceeded to buy something that I didn’t necessarily need (but wanted for a while) because it was on sale. I love hard-boiled and poached eggs, yet I hate cooking both. So when I came across this little egg pod thing for $14.99 with a 4.5 star rating it went straight to the virtual cart. I haven’t tried it out yet (should be delivered today…I’m tracking it very carefully), but with Easter coming up next weekend, some easy cooked hard-boiled eggs will be perfect! The SimpleTaste Cooker is still on sale if you want to buy!

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