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Friday Features – Week 1

Each week I happen to stumble upon a song, random item, news article, skin care, etc. that makes its way to my current favorites. With Friday being a happy day of the week (bring on the weekend!), I decided to start highlighting my weekly favorites in a new series called Friday Features.

Feature 1: K-Beauty/Skincare – COSRX Clear Fit Blemish Cushion SPF 47

Between stress, weather, and lack of sleep, my skin hasn’t been my best friend this week. So, there was much need for some heavy-duty concealing. Recently, I bought the COSRX Cushion because I love COSRX’s skin care products and their cushion was affordable yet contained great ingredients and SPF. I had read others’ reviews saying it was a high coverage cushion, and it most definitely is! I was constantly reaching for it to touch up during the day. I’ll be writing a full review on it soon.

Feature 2:  Instagrammer – Chungah Rhee from Damn Delicious

I’ve been a follower of Chungah Rhee’s website for a couple of years now, but just recently started following her Instagram. Her website gives a wide variety of recipes using simple, everyday, healthy ingredients. My personal favorites are her soups and stew recipes! Anyways, back to Instagram. While her pictures are about her blog recipes mostly, her stories are one of my favorite to watch. She has the cutest Corgi named Butters (he also makes a lot of appearances on her Insta feed) and her daily stories are usually about funny adventures with him. Chungah is so relatable and funny that everyone has to love her and Butters!

   Chungah’s Website: Damn Delicious

   Instagram Handle: @damn_delicious

Feature 3: News – Apothic Wine Releasing Cold Brew Coffee Infused Wine

If there’s one thing I can’t go a day without, its coffee. Not for the caffeine (which doesn’t even have an effect on me anymore), but for the taste. I absolutely love a great dark roast, bold coffee. So you can imagine that when I heard one of my favorite wines, Apothic, is creating a new line infused with cold brew coffee, I was a tad bit excited. The flavor notes are said to be coffee (duh), red fruit, and toasted oak. Sign me up! I will be impatiently waiting until April when it will be hitting shelves in limited quantities.

Feature 4: Song of the Week – “Never Be The Same” by Camila Cabello

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat for the past couple weeks, and I’m not stopping anytime soon. Honestly, I really love Camila’s entire new album, but “Never Be The Same” is the one track I keep coming back to.


Feature 5:  TV Show – “The Grand Prince”

So I’m not sure if many people know this, but I really love K-Dramas (Korean dramas). They’re a bit different from American shows in the way that there is typically only one season, with the majority of them having 16 to 25 one-hour episodes. Personally, I like this method because I get to watch more stories and varieties than trying to keep up with a show that has 5+ seasons (looking at you “Grey’s Anatomy”). Right now, the K-Drama I’m watching is “The Grand Prince” which is a historical romance drama that takes place during the Joseon Dynasty. Watch the trailer for it here.






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