Top 4 Jackets On Repeat this Winter

Growing up and living most of my life in the South, I am one of those people who needs a jacket once the temperature hits 75 degrees. I was constantly laughed at when I lived in Virginia for wearing a sweater when others were still wearing shorts and flip-flops. So, you can imagine I’m pretty happy to be living in Florida where my hands aren’t frozen from September to April. While Florida is pretty warm (it’s supposed to be 72 degrees on Christmas!), there are times, especially after sunset, that a cute jacket is a must for me. Here are my top jackets that have been on repeat for this Florida winter.

1. Lucky Brand Boyfriend Denim Jacket

You probably already know denim jackets are a huge trend this Fall/Winter. I don’t think I’ve owned one since middle school actually, but I found myself really wanting one again. I was wanting more of the “boyfriend” fit and there to be something that makes it a little different. This jacket (picked up from Nordstrom Rack) was absolutely perfect. I loved the distressed elements and the fit of it even makes it great to wear over thicker sweaters.

Lucky brand Denim boyfriend Jacket
                                                                                                  Currently Sold Out | Similar


2. Nasty Gal Bad Blood Vegan Leather Jacket

Everyone needs a classic black leather jacket. The shoulder stitching made my mind up on this one. I pair it with some cute lace-up combat boots and skinny jeans for that edgier vibe.

3. Nasty Gal Ride On Vegan Leather Jacket

This leather jacket is literally the perfect shade of red. First, red is my favorite color. However, most of my wardrobe is black or gray, so I was looking for a stand-out, statement jacket. And, I decided on this jacket the moment I saw it. I absolutely love the belt attachment too!


Nasty Gal Vegan Leather jackets
                                                                                            Red Leather Jacket | Black Leather Jacket

4. Abercrombie Bomber Jacket

Another classic jacket I think goes with anyone’s style is the bomber jacket. I wore this jacket constantly while I was visiting Japan, and it honestly kept me pretty warm! Olive/Army green is one of those colors that can go with anything, so it’s super versatile as well!

                                                                                     Currently Sold Out | Similar: Here Here Here Here


What are your favorite jackets for the winter time?


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